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Title: Say 'Yes' to the Dress
Rating: PG
Summary: On a shopping trip to New York, Ginny is featured in the Wizarding version of the TLC show.
Author Note: SYttD is one of my guilty pleasures, and the bunny for this was persistent as hell. So I scoured the internet for pictures of dresses Ginny would like and dislike. Then, I adapted the premise of the show to fit the story, and here it is. Thanks to [personal profile] lunalovepotter for the read-through and [profile] queenb23more for the beta.

Say 'Yes' to the Dress

A Harry Potter Fanfiction

"Hi, I'm Ginny Weasley, I live in London, and I'm here to look for my dream wedding dress."

Ginny has brought along her mother, Molly, her maid-of-honour, Hermione, and her sister-in-law, Angelina, to assist her in selecting her gown on this busy day at Kleinfeld's for Witches in New York.

"Harry and I met when we were ten and eleven, but of course, we didn't start dating for five years. Harry's my brother's best friend so he was around a lot. Harry was a bit dense for a while, but once we got together, we fell hard."

Helping Ginny today is consultant Eartha. Due to her fiancé's notoriety in the wizarding world, Ginny's appointment is taking place in a private salon in the second floor.

"So, Ginny, did you have any silhouettes in mind?"

"Er, well, I play Quidditch for the Harpies, so I'm not that much of a girly-girl, you know?"

"She never has been, Eartha. She fought me tooth and nail whenever I wanted her to wear a dress."

"Mum…" Ginny says as she rolls her eyes.

Eartha smiles at the mother and turns back to Ginny. "Were you thinking a-line, empire, ball gown…?"

"Oh, Ginny, I'd love to see you in a ball gown," her mother coos.

"Mum, it's just a small wedding by the lake."

"But it would be beautiful."

"It is what Ginny would be most comfortable in, Mrs. Weasley," pipes in Hermione.

Ginny ignores her mother's comment and turns to Eartha. "I was maybe thinking sheath or an empire waistline."

Ginny follows Eartha into a changing room while the consultant steps out and begins searching for Ginny's dress. Meanwhile, in the private salon, Ginny's mother isn't too thrilled with what her daughter wants in a dress.

"She has such a lovely figure, I don't understand why she'd want to hide it."

"She wouldn't be hiding it. She's just not…flashy," Angelina reminds Molly.

"She's right. Ginny doesn't like all that fluff. I've never known her to be about bows and lace."

"I just think that her wedding should be wonderful and beautiful," Molly answers, getting up and pacing around the salon.

"It will be, just the way Harry and Ginny want it to be," Hermione reassures her.

In the stockroom, Eartha is met by Cassandra, the sales manager.

"Does she have a budget?" asks Cassandra.

"Three hundred."

"That's all? She's marrying Harry Potter, for Merlin's sake."

"I know. And she plays Quidditch, too."

"Well, bring her some of the Goldstein ones, too."


"Just do it."

Eartha brings Ginny a wide variety of gowns, including a few ball gowns as well as some out of her price range. Dress number one has an empire with chiffon over-skirt.

"The first one was beautiful. I felt like a princess in it."

When Ginny leaves the dressing room, not everyone is pleased. Angelina is the most vocal.

"It looks like a nightgown, Gin."

"Really? It's so comfortable." Ginny lifts the skirt and twirls around.

"You look like you're pregnant."

"Are you? Ginevra, are you pregnant?" blurts Molly with a hand over her heart.


At that, Ginny and Eartha head back to the changing room for dress number two.

"The second dress was a bit…well, not me. But Mum loved it. I almost didn't make it out of the changing room to show her."


"I don't know why Ginny refuses to wear the ball gowns. They're so regal and everything a girl could want in a wedding dress."

"I look like the bloody wedding cake, not the bride," Ginny announces as she nears the group.

"Language, Ginny!"

"Hermione, you can stop laughing!"

"I'm sorry," Hermione giggles, "but you look like a big round cake with a Barbie doll stuck in the top."

Another dress shot down and it's back to the dressing room they go. This time, Eartha selects a trumpet gown with beading, not bothering to tell Ginny that the dress is seven hundred Galleons over her budget.


"I really liked dress number three. It made me feel sexy and my bum looked really good in it, too. Harry would love it."

As Ginny walks out into the salon, there are oohs and ahs from her family.

"This one is a Tova Goldstein, one of the most fashion-forward designers," Eartha purrs from beside Ginny.

"It's beautiful, Ginny," Angelina says with admiration.

"It feels…heavenly." Ginny begins to tear up as she runs her hands over the front of the dress.

Eartha feels as if this sale is going through and puts a veil on Ginny's head. Cassandra checks on the high profile bride and becomes a little overconfident.

"Just the sort of thing Harry Potter's bride should wear, too," Cassandra says haughtily.

"She really shouldn't have brought up Harry."

"Pardon me?" Ginny says sharply.

"Well, doesn't he deserve to have the most beautiful bride in the most wonderful gown and not something that just hangs there?"

"I almost left right then and there. I didn't care what the consequences would be but it made up my mind. I would find the dress that I loved and would give the shop the lowest profit. Harry's paying for my dress and even though he's not strapped for cash, I don't want to take advantage and I want something that would suit me...not the public's idea of what I should look like when we get married."

Determined to get the kind of dress she wants, Ginny heads back to the dressing room for another selection with Eartha and Cassandra trailing behind. Before the consultants can select another dress, Ginny lays down the law.

"Please don't assume that you know what's best for my wedding. I want a dress within my budget and one that combines the first dress and the last one I had on. If you can't do that, then I'm afraid I'll be leaving here without a wedding gown."

Cassandra quietly slips out and Eartha heads out into the stockroom, returning quickly with a dress she is sure Ginny will love.

"Cassandra should have kept her mouth shut. She's the one who trained me when I first started and one of the first things she told me was to keep my opinions to myself unless the bride asked me. I'd hate to be Harry if he ever pisses her off."

Ginny steps into the fourth gown and begins to tear up in the dressing room.

"Oh...oh, Merlin. This...this is just."

"You want to show them?"

Eartha leads Ginny out into the salon and everyone knows this one is it.

"Oh, Ginny."

"This is it, Mum, I just know it," Ginny announces.

Eartha puts a small headpiece on Ginny's head and the group gasps appreciatively.

"So is it a 'yes'?"


Ginny married Harry the following April wearing the dress that she wanted, not one that others expected her to wear. The two of them were married in England beside the lake at Hogwarts in front of a small group of friends and family. There were no reporters within ten miles.

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