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Origin Story: Reconstructing Draco
Timestamp: Four years prior to when the story begins
Prompt: Draco and Asteria pass each other in the halls of Hogwarts.
Words: 233

He heard giggling. No one in the castle laughed anymore, much less giggled. Draco turned to investigate and shook his head. There was a small group of girls standing in a group, looking at a magazine. From the looks of it, it was something along the lines of a PlayWitch magazine.

"I'll take that," he said calmly, snatching the magazine from a Ravenclaw with curly, light brown hair.

"No you will not!" the girl snarled back at him, grabbing Draco around the wrist and squeezing with unexpected strength.

He groaned and felt his hand release the publication, which one of her friends picked up off the floor. He watched as the curly-haired one squinted and tilted her head to one side. Draco couldn't pull his eyes away from hers.

"And how's that power trip going for you, Malfoy? Still fun to be You-Know-Who's stooge?" When he didn’t answer, she continued, "Fine, go ahead and report me. Name's Asteria  Asteria Greengrass. With an 'e'."

She released his hand and spun around, motioning for her friends to follow her. He shook his wrist to rid himself of the pain she'd inflicted. How the hell did she know he was thinking of reporting her? Draco shook his head; she couldn't have known. It was just a lucky guess. Every student knew he was Head Boy and responsible for handing out punishments.

"Shite, what was her name?"



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