Ficlet: Like the Sunset and Melted Chocolate (Week 1 entry at [profile] hpgw_ldws

Jan. 23rd, 2010 02:10 pm
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The first round of [profile] hpgw_ldws has finished and I survived. PHEW!!

So here's my entry for Week 1.

Title: Like the Sunset and Melted Chocolate
Rating: PG
Warnings: Only if you count extreme fluff as a warning.
Word Count: 246/250

OH! Before I forget, I do keep my promises and [personal profile] hermette and [profile] katwoman_68 both guessed which drabble was mine. So ladies, give me your prompts and your rewards will be forth coming!!

The first time he knew it was love was simple enough, really.

He was making his way over the crest of the hill on his way to The Burrow after being in Dover for Auror training camp. There were no owls, no Floo privileges, and no visitors. By the third day, Harry was tired, sore, miserable and lonely. Ron was no better. 
In the quiet moments between waking and sleeping, Harry thought about her. Ginny invaded his dreams ever so slightly and persistently, reminding him of the way it felt to touch her skin, to smell her hair and to taste her lips. It was with an ache in his heart that he fell asleep each night, longing for reality yet dreading waking up when he'd be left with the hazy memory his mind had conjured.

With his eyes lifted to the ramshackle house, he smiled at the image of her standing there with the sunlight surrounding her like a golden red halo. She was real, perhaps the only real thing in his life, and she was waiting for him with a smile.

That was when he knew. His heart had found its home, its purpose, its reason for being in the form of the girl with hair the colour of the sunset and eyes like melted chocolate.

It was the start of something wonderful and he couldn't wait to start the new chapter of life with her.



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